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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Academy Rules EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 3:11 am

Rules of the Academy

General Rules
~Show respect for all members, including Staff.
~Absolutely NO Advertising
~Do not back-seat mod
~Don't post anything provocative! (includes but is not limited to porn, hentai, yaoi, yuri) Things like that aren't needed here.
~Do not make more than one account. (if you have 2 then let an admin know why and they will approve or disapprove)
~No foul language in the chat or forum. (this includes censoring)
~No Spamming! (this includes but is not limited to one-worded posts & necroposting)
~Don't double post.

Signature Rules
~Maximum size allowed is 500x400. Anything higher will be removed.
~No pornagraphic images
~Signature limit is two.

1st Warning- Nothing
2nd Warning-Lose half of your Star Bucks
3rd Warning-Lose all Star Bucks and lose 1 rank and 2 day ban (you will go down to Slifer Red)
4th Warning-Lose all Star Bucks and will get 7 day banning
5th Warning-Perma ban
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Academy Rules
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