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 l Paradox l Test Results EXAMPLE for testers

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l Paradox l Test Results EXAMPLE for testers Empty
PostSubject: l Paradox l Test Results EXAMPLE for testers   l Paradox l Test Results EXAMPLE for testers EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 5:18 am

I used (T.G Stun) vs his/her (Nordics)
Judge: Lexi (No Longer a Judge)
[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Deck Construction: 18/20
The deck flowed very nicely there was little to no errors in deck. That I saw anywhere.

Dueling Skills: 25/25
The duelist was very Skilled in trying to get out of tough spots.

Deck Size: 5/5
40 cards

Ruling Knowledge: 8/10
Knew all his rulings. Made a mistake in Round 3 by using dark hole. Allowing me to take the game with Reborn Tengu otherwise he had it.

Match Results: 4/10
1-2 Testee to Tester

Control of the duel: 8/10
Had control of both duels. Lost control at Game 3 with dark hole.

Deck Creativity/Originality: 20/20
Nordics pretty original and very nice. I liked them a lot.

Total Score: 88/100
The reason you lost game 3 was because of Dark Hole. You should have used Dark Hole on a rainy day.

Whatup1111 sent Paradox ruling questions which he replied back to Judge (Lexi) (PS Lexi is NO LONGER A JUDGE) PM can only be sent to judge who watched duel.


Question 1: 20/20
Everything was correct

Question 2: 20/20
Great detail fantastic explanation.

Question 3: 8/10
There were some minor flaws some points deducted.

Question 4: 0/0
Question was used for feedback (Judges will know what question is question 4. They must write this on what question was number 4 for the duelist they observed.)
Answered: 35 minutes
Allotted: 45 minutes

Total: 48/50


The judge then will send the deck that he wants the testee to build they will have a total of 30 minutes to build it.
Testee must send a pic of deck along with deck list to judge. If deck list is not attached points will be deducted for no deck list.
(Image will be used here EX: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Archetype: Photons
Main Card: Galaxy Photon Dragon

Main Deck: 15/20
Although this deck might look competitive it still lacks cards. Look at how there are 2 Saber Tigers when the third is in side. There needs to be either 3 or 0 because 1 starts an effect with others.

Side Deck: 8/10
That Saber Tiger might not be sided anytime soon thus it is useless there.

Extra: 10/10
Extra Deck looks fine

Pic and Deck List of deck: 10/10
Both were sent on time. Smile

Total: 43/50

Total Points: 179 Points

Welcome to Ra Yellow

Retests are available for 600 Star Points
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l Paradox l Test Results EXAMPLE for testers
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