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 Tournament Guidelines

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PostSubject: Tournament Guidelines   Tournament Guidelines EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 8:28 pm

There are 6 types of tournaments

The amounts of winnings from tournaments over the month divided by 10 will be added to the star pot which will be the winnings for the victor of the star tournament. So the more active you guys are, the more it will help you get stuff.

Single elimination
Team elimination
Single 2-game-round
Team 2-game-round
Star tournament
Live tournament

Single elimination-a simple elimination bracket where the winner goes on in a 2/3 duel. The prize will be the amount of players times 500.

Team elimination- The elimination part is the same as above but the team aspect is quite different

a team is composed of 5 duelists
the team as a whole will have 40,000 life points. The only way to win is to deplete the opponents life points or have the opponent run out of cards in his/her deck. The loser of a duel is done but the winner goes on to duel the next opponent. This is confusing so let me give an example.

I beat player Y who was the first duelist on the other team but ended the duel with 500 life points left. Player X is the next player. Now I have to duel player X starting with 500 life points.

single 2-win-round -single means one player.
Prize-amount of players*2*(1000/3)

2-win round ASPECT

The 2-win round ASPECT is meant to eliminate luck in the first round. In this, duelists will be split into groups of 3. To move onto the next round, they will have to beat both of the other duelists in their group. After that, round 2 will go on to be a simple elimination game. If in any round there is an odd amount of players, the 2 win round will be done with only one group. If there are 5 players, one gets a by. If there are 3 players, one group of the 2-win round will be done. If each player only wins one duel in the finals when there are 3, then winnings will be split evenly.

team 2 round win-two round win aspect plus the team aspect

Star tournament

Star aspect: each player starts with one star card which can be purchased for 400 SP. Each player will have to wager these star cards so that he or she can advanced in the tournament. Those who have 10 star cards by the 7th day after the tournament starts will continue. You can not wager for star cards if you do not have any or wager for more than you do have. After that, those who have ten will be given 1 gold star card. They will have to do the same as they did before but instead of 10, they will have to win the amount of gold cards divided by 4. This means that there will only be 4 people left at the end.

After this, these 4 will do a round robin.

Round robin aspect

All players play each other and get one point per win. They also get one point for each win that the players they defeat get through the round robin.

lives-single elimination tournaments held randomly and announced only over the chat with a 1000 SP prize. A live tournament MUST have 8 or 16 players.

Inter Academy Duels

The top players in the star tournament will be representatives in wars between academies.

Mathematical way to find winner of a round robin

make a matrix first

if you don't know what a matrix is, find an Algebra 2 book and learn.

Second, square the matrix

third, add the numbers in each row together for scores of the contestants

fourth, highest numbers win Very Happy
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Tournament Guidelines
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