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 Starlight Duel Academy Starter's Guide

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Hey there welcome to Starlight Duel Academy (SDA) a great academy. Here in SDA you can learn a lot about Yu-Gi-Oh! make new friends as well as participate in some of the activities here at SDA but first you have to read the rules.

Introducing Yourself

We want to know about you, so make sure that your first post will be an introduction in THIS section. Then our members will welcome you and that will have officially started at SDA. Also edit your profile.
YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE DORM TEST IF YOU HAVE NOT INTRODUCED YOURSELF!!! You can introduce yourself [Only admins are allowed to see this link].


If you would like to stay a Slifer Slacker then please be my guest but if you would like to get into a higher dorm then apply for a dorm test. These tests will be difficult and our testers are not the easiest graders. They grade on the deck and how well it is so please duel with a real deck with some creativity. Knowing your rulings will help for this section because the test consists of a rulings exam as well as a dueling exam. Please brush up on rulings before taking the test. Now, you learned about Dorm System and introduced yourself, it is time to create your own dorm room. Dorm room is your own thread which is created in the dorm you belong to, and you can post things you like there. SDA is your home and that thread is your room in the house. when people want to challenge you they can post it in your dorm. Also make sure you read the testing rules located [Only admins are allowed to see this link].
Battle Arena and Underground Duels

This is a place where you can duel to get SP(Star Points) The more Star points you acquire the more things you can get for it. You are then allowed to buy things at SDA's main shop. Happy Shopping. The battle arena gives you 30 SP for each single win and in the Underground Duels you bet the amount of SP you are going to duel for.
The Battle Arena is located [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
The Underground Duels Area is located [Only admins are allowed to see this link]


This place is a forum which means all we do here, we do it with posting things in correct sections. While you wait for replies in your Introduction topic, check all sections in our forum so that when you post, you do it in right place. We are looking for activity from our members, so would like for everyone to be active and post in topics where they feel they can give an answer, or just discuss things. There are a lot of ways to raise your post count, the easiest is OFF-TOPIC section. It's fun, you can post and discuss any topic you want, as long the thread doesn't contain any inappropriate material. You can also welcome new members into our academy every time someone posts an introduction. However, avoid posting in old topics which are not active anymore, that would be considered as spam and can get you in trouble. The OFF-TOPIC section is not there to be spam where people can post all of there topics in however just to boost there post. The OFF-TOPIC has some rules as well which are located HERE.

Other information

Although these outline most of the Rules and Regulations there are still the rules for the Underground Duels and Battle Arena AND the Rules for the Academy this is just a starter's guide.

Welcome to SDA we hope you have a good time here and stay active.
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Starlight Duel Academy Starter's Guide
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