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 Slonaka Test Results

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PostSubject: Slonaka Test Results   Slonaka Test Results EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 1:46 pm

I used (T.G Stun) vs his/her (Gadgets)
Judge (Gracuul)

Deck Construction: 18/20
Nice Deck. Flowed pretty well nothing was really holding him back. He used his cards pretty well.

Dueling Skills: 23/25
His dueling skill was really good. Good Sportsmanship was encountered.

Deck Size: 5/5
40 cards

Ruling Knowledge: 10/10
No errors

Match Results: 10/10

Control of the duel: 10/10
Had control both duels

Deck Creativity/Originality: 20/20
Really original. Deck I liked it a lot

Total for Part 1: 95/100
Gadgets can be easily countered xD (People reading this who are pro's realize this is an inside joke)


Question 1: 20/20
Correctly Answered in all of it's entirety.

Question 2: 0/20
Question was wrong

Question 3: 10/10
Correctly Answered in all of it's entirety

Question 4: 0/0
Question will be looked into more detail

Total for Part 2: 50/50

Deck to make: Scrap Deck Tier 1
Deck Pic: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Main Deck: 15/20
40 cards I was expecting the deck to be a little bit more scrap based like adding Scrap Golem and Scrap Goblin because those are another easy way to summon scraps. Although I did like his Blackwings idea very much. Plus points for adding the Scrap Yards and Scrap Storm minus points for adding duality since this deck should focus on getting Scrap Dragon out as fast as possible. (Since it is a tier 1 deck) Pot of Duality would just stall. Can easily be replaced with Golem and Goblin.

Side Deck: 8/10
I see how it stops some meta not all meta however stopped. I would rather you use 2 D.D Crow instead of 2 Snowman just because most meta decks focus on sending stuff to the grave. For example Inzektors, Dark World, Hero Beat, Wind-ups. Ect. Thus D.D crow stops them. Although I liked the 3 Effect Viler that you have mained, I am strictly talking about side deck right now.

Extra Deck: 9/10
Extra Deck was filled. Although I would like to see more Scrap cards in there deck. However this deck does work.

A Picture AND Deck: 5/10
Only Pic no deck list

Total for Part 3: 37/50

Total Points overall: 162

Welcome to Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: Slonaka Test Results   Slonaka Test Results EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 2:06 pm

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Slonaka Test Results
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